HyperID Introduces MultiPass: NFT-enabled Reusable KYC Verification

2 min readDec 8, 2021

In the era of blockchain technology, crypto and NFT craze, a lot of concerns are raised around the subject of ID verification and personal data protection in the multitude of KYC processes the average user passes.

Projects face the problem of user identity verification, having to deal with the responsibility of processing user’s data, and users have no choice but to continue submitting personal data to various independent service providers in hopes of winning an allocation.

For now, no working solution has been proposed. Enter HyperID MultiPass.

What is HyperID MultiPass?

HyperID MultiPass is the first-ever NFT-pass that enables you to pass HyperID-enable KYC once and then use your MultiPass NFT to participate in partner offerings skipping over the KYC process!

The HyperID MultiPass NFT can be claimed after successful passing of HyperID’s demanding KYC procedure. The NFT is then bound to the wallet address and cannot be sold, traded or transferred to another wallet address.

How It Works

Once you have your HyperID MultiPass, you no longer need to share your personal information. The MultiPass proves that your ID information is verified without submitting or revealing that information in any shape or form.

This is made possible via a secure identity and access management solution introduced by HyperID. HyperID protects the confidentiality of user data by leveraging distributed key generation.

Upon completing identity verification you are assigned a HyperID authentication tier. This tier is reflected by your HyperID MultiPass which serves as your pass to partner services.

How to Get HyperID MultiPass

HyperID has been working closely with Kaizen.Finance to roll out its demanding KYC process. It has played an integral part in enabling the identity verification process for the Kaizen.Finance Community Sale, Kaizen IDO on Solstarter, and ScottyBeamIO Community Sale hosted on Kaizen.Finance.

All participants who have passed one of the aforementioned KYCs are eligible to claim their HyperID MultiPass.

To claim, simply follow the link, connect the wallet used for KYC and hit Claim MultiPass: https://multipass.hypersecureid.com/

Going forward, the HyperID MultiPass technology will be integrated into the KYC process of projects launching using the Kaizen.Finance platform and services allowing easy application for HyperID MultiPass owners.

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